About us

Who We Are?

TranaMax, is an internet base online Pavilion which specializes in consumer electronics, hobby Toys, Gadgets and other product and services that will be available on request by you the customer, TranaMax allows you to shop in a safe and secure environment from the comfort of your home. We strive to provide customers with high quality product and services at an affordable price. We believe that the internet further breaks the geographical barrier and pulls our customer closer by combining e-commerce technologies and social networking to provide a more comfortable environment for our customer. TranaMax online platform enables customers nationally and international to buy products and services at affordable prices, but without the complex risk.  

We are a different kind of company with the following highlights:

1. Request program: If you have visited our website and did not find the product or services you required there is still hope, all you have to do is send us an email request with the product or services you require and will get it for you at factory price.

2. Why our price is so low: TranaMax is a total online shopping store which means, We do not have a high street outlet. All of our sale is 100% online, which ensure a rock bottom purchase cost. The saving is passed directly to our customers to make our product and services affordable. If you find any product listed on our website cheaper anywhere in the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland we will match it and that's our guarantee to our customer.  

3. Reword program: As a thank you for making your first purchase on our website, we reward each and every new customer with a warm welcoming free gift,  and that,s not all, if you have reorder more than five consecutive time you are qualify for free postage for life no matter the weight or size (Available to UK and Northern Ireland only. Because we are generous, here is some more benefit:

      (A) This valid for the hobby department. Any hobby toys purchase from the TranaMax store, either RC car , RC helicopter or RC aero plane, all you have to do is send us your flight or drive video, and we will pay you £5 cash are store credit for your video.

           Our company is customer orientated; all our presenting and promotion will be done by you the customer, for example:

If we need to promote our product or services in your area, we do not do it ourselves; we pay you the customer to do the job if you meet our specification.

Promotional jobs are available to purchasing customer only for more information, please contact us at sales@tranamax.co.uk. 


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