Spy sunglasses with video audio recording 4GB



Do you like sunglasses in hot summer? And can you imagine sunglasses with a camera ?Imagine on the beach,take all the beautiful sight .so not need you to take extra camera or other other things,just take this sunglasses,press the button. Convenient,Elegant and fashion!


Weight(body): Approximately 50g
Clear video recording and high-definition photo taking
It can keep on video recording 150 minutes.
Built-in large capacity memory of 4G.
Can be used as web camera
Can be used as voice recorder
Can playback video file on computer


Video Resolution: VGA format, 640*480
Photo Resolution: JPG format, 1600*1200
Frame Rate: 30 FPS
Video Format: AVI
Recording Sampling Rate: 16KHz
Recording Baud Rate: 65Kbps
Interface Protocol: USB 2.0/1.1

Package contents:

Camera sunglasses
USB data cable
User Manual(CD)
Glasses case
Glasses cloth
Colour box

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