Wheel Clock with hidden pin hole camera and remote

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A normal looking wheel wall clock but hidden within it  is a tiny wireless pin hole camera. This surveillance system is well hidden inside a functional Clock with a built-in transmitter and remote controller switching whenever you want to turn on or turn off.The camera and transmitter are invisible to the human eye. This covert system can be applied to almost any ambience . Build in Lithium Battery inside, can be rechargeble.


Wireless camera system in a functional Wall Clock.
Operate with 9v Battery or direct wall power
No Installation just plug and play.
Catch the bad nanny Or defense your home and office.
Fit for the security system of stores, banks, hotels, school, hospitals. factories and apartment:


CMOS color / 1.2 GHz(or 2.4GHz) / wireless/Audio.
Effective picture element :PAL:628x582 NTSC:510x492.
Horizontal definition :380 Line. 
Minimum Illumination: 3.0 Lux.
Scan Frequency: PAL/CCIR: 50Hz, NTSC/EIA: 60Hz.
Sensitivity: +18DB - AGL ON-OFF.
Transmitter power: 50mW .
Distance: 50 - 100M .
Electric power: DC8V/9V .
Current: 500mA. 
Power Consumption: <= 640mW.


Remote control
Camera Charger
Receiver charger

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