Car key mini DVR Camera

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New model of micro car key camera! Support 1-8GB micro SD card. No inside memory, take photo ,video, audio, PC cam function.also can be use as normal U disk. No need USB cable to connect with PC, just plug in.



Video recording- VGA recording,video recording and voice recording at the same time
Take photo function- 2.0M Pixel
Voice record function- WAV format
U-Disk function- no need driver except for windows 98.
PC-Camera function- support PC-Camera function,can use as video meeting.


VGA recording: AVI
Video Resolution: 640*480 VGA
recommend player: wind and thunder player, storm player kmplayer, Mplayer and other muti-formart support media player.
Physical Pixel: 2.0 million(1600 x 1200)
Phone Format: JPEG
Recording Frame: 30 FTP
Individual Audio Formal: WAV
TF-Card: Support T-Flash expand max to 8GB(Not include)
USB Interface: 2.0
Card reader: Support Micro SD Card
working Voltage: 5V

Package Content:

Car key mini DVR
CD Manual - English
USB Cable


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