Hobbywing Skywalker Brushless 20A ESC.


Hobbywing Skywalker 20a ESC with accessories, perfect choice for park flyer pilot and is best for rc helicopter and rc plane. this esc use top quality components to get strong current endurance. it has a built-in low voltage cut-off protection, over voltage protection, over-heat protection and throttle signal loss protection. it has 3 start modes: Normal / Soft / Super-Soft, compatible with fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter, throttle range can be configured to be compatible with all transmitters. it has a built-in linear with smooth throttle response. Maximum motor speed: 210000 PRM (2poles), 70000RPM (6poles), 35000 RPM 9 (12 poles).


  • Continuous current: ---------- 20A
  • Burst current (>10s): ---------- 25A
  • BEC Mode: ---------- Linear
  • BEC Output: ---------- 5V / 2A
  • BEC Output capability: ---------- 5 Servos (2s Lipo) / 4 Servos (3s Lipo)
  • Battery Cell: ---------- 2-3s (Lipo) / 5-9 cells (NiMH)
  • Weight: ---------- 20g
  • Cable length: -------- 25cm

Package content:

  • ESC
  • Gold bullet connector
  • Nylon t connector
  • Users manual

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  • Model: TRAHWSW20A
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  • Manufactured by: Hobbywing

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