Soldering stand holder with LED.


Helping hand magnifier LED light with soldering stand.

Helping Hand Magnifier comes With 2 LED lights and soldering stand A useful aid for soldering jobs and inspection work Can be used for model making also Movable arms and adjustable crocodile holding clamps Two LED lights Heavy duty base Main lens size 65mm X3 multiple Accessory lens 17mm X12 multiple


  • Adjustable crocodile holding clamps.
  • Bottom battery compartment is furnished with steel plate which can enhance stability.
  • Complete with magnifying glass.
  • Ideal when a third hand is needed .
  • With two LED lighting, this model can work very well in the dark environment.
  • 3 x AAA batteries, large capacity, this model can continuously discharge more than 10 hours, expediently be used.


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