HJ-Y3 Dragonfly Tricopter


Here we have put together a DIY kit of the HJ-Y3 Tricopter, it came complete with all that is need to fly example: FPV Camera, Motor, ESC etc. This Kit is for those who enjoy the thrill of self building RC Quadcopter, and like to built to their own desire. Please bear in mine that building this Quadcopter required a basic knowledge of building, all soldering and crimping is done by you.


  • Pre-assembled Tricopter frame
  • Material: Glass fiber
  • KK 2.1.5 Flight control board
  • Powerful 2212 / 13t 1000kv Turbo Drive brushless motor .
  • 3 x 20a ESC
  • Power Distributor board
  • 1 x 9g Tower pro Metal gear servo
  •  HD Flight camera that connect directly to receiver with SD Card slot ( SD Card sold separately.)
  • 4 x  10 x 4.5 SF Propeller.

Need your own transmitter, receiver and battery to fly.

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  • Model: TRAHJY3TIC
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