Hubsan FPV SPY HAWK RC Glider.

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Imagine flying your RC plane and place the transmitter down while the plane is still flying to have a cup of tea, well, with this FPV Glider you can do so with its AUTOPILOT function, it revolutionize the way you fly RC airplane and bring a whole new experience and satisfaction to RC flying, once you start with this FPV glider you will never want to stop.

This is the very latest concept in flying RC models, live streaming video from a camera on the Glider that displayed high resolution picture from a LCD screen on the transmitter. This first person view (FPV) give the impression of actually sitting inside the cockpit and add a whole new experience to flying RC models, with the optional video goggles available, it create a unique experience never before enjoyed by RC Pilot.  you can fly normal using normal visual contact or use the video screen for a totally new experience.

     This RC glider FPV model promise to bring a whole new concept and experience to flying electric airplane. Beginners can start learning with this FPV Glider and enjoy the wonderful world of FPV straight from the box, as well as being very stable during flight. 

      With its built in GPS Return to home module, no need to worry about lost signals, if signal is lost the plane with automatically return to home. An RC instructor  problem solve and a beginner night mare vanquished.



  • Material: ---------- EPO Crashproof material
  • Wingspan: ---------- 843mm
  • Overall length: --------- 617mm
  • Flight weight: ---------- 180g
  • Flying time: ---------- up to 30 mins
  • Motor: ---------- C1404 Brushless motor KV3000
  • Battery: ---------- 7.4v 450mah
  • ESC: -------- 6A
  • Propeller
  • Transmitter: ---------- 2.4Ghz 4 Channels vs 3.5"LCD monitor
  • Video+Audio: ---------- 5.8Ghz transmission
  • Camera: ---------- 5M pixels camera
  • Live video distance: ---------- 400m
  • OSD module: ---------  included
  • AUTO-Pilot module: ---------- included
  • Memory card: ---------- not included. can be purchase from our store TRAMSD8GBMC
  • Video Recording module: ---------- included
  • GPS Return module: --------- not yet available.
  • Video Goggles: ---------- not included but can be purchase separately from our store


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