DIY Laser cut RC Cessna 182 Balsa Kit

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The Cessna 182 Laser cut kit is and affordable and easy balsa kit for the traditional rc modeller who enjoy building from a kit or tempted to try and build.

This Kit comes complete with all the wooden parts accurately laser cut from a high quality balsa and ply sheet to cut building time to a minimum, while leaving plenty of assembly to satisfy the discerning modeller. Also include is the uniquely styled main undercarriage alongside all of the accessories needed to finish the bare airframe  ready for covering.

 The Cessna builds into a 4-channel, electric powered sport-scale model of the famous light plane and leaves the builder to choose from the vast variety of scale color schemes, or even to use transparent covering film to show of your building skills!

An affordable 150watt power system or 2212 1000 - 1400KV Brushless motor will give the model a sprightly performance while a 1300 - 22mah 3-cell Lipo battery will allow plenty of time to explore the flight potential of your creation.

Build yourself is sometime more fun than flying.


  • Laser cut all balsa and light Plywood kit.
  • Interlocking wooden parts self fit and align for easier building
  • Includes pre-landing gear pushrods and other hardware
  • Fun to build


  • Wingspan: ---------- 960mm
  • Length: --------- 750mm
  • Bare airframe weight: ---------- 500 - 550g ( no covering)
  • All up weight: ---------- 750 - 800g


  • 4 Channel Transmitter and receiver
  • 150 watt power system or 2212 1000-1400kv brushless motor
  • 3S 11.1V 1300 - 2200Mah lipo battery
  • 4 x 5.8g or 9g micro servo
  • 30a brushless ESC
  • Covering film
  • Building adhesives

Please Note: The C of G is not mentioned but we recommend balancing the model at 27mm back form the wing leading edge measured at the wing root.

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