3CH RC Helicopter with Camera,LED and Gyro.

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New design 3 Channel RC helicopter, come complete with built-in Camera, LED and Gyro which maker RC flying more enjoyable, this RC helicopter is perfect for surveillance or even spying on the doggy neighbours.  For more information or rules on camera on model air craft please visit the British Model Flying Association.


  • 3.5 channels helicopter with camera and gyroscope(Photography and video shooting)
  • 1G Memory Card and Card reader are included
  • Upward and Downward, Forward and backward, turn left and right, Descending, Ascending, Left/Right Trim. Photo taking and video shooting
  • Working headlamps, headlight, running lights and interior lights available
  • Playing time: 7-8 mins
  • Video shooting time: 7-8mins


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  • Model: TRARCHWCG
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