De agostini LEO 46 engin and code 4 AS-322 servo bundle (USED)


This is for anyone who is interested in carrying on the legacy of the Deagostini spitfire. This engine and spare parts was taking out of a Deagostine spitfire which crashes on the third flight do to pilot error. this engine and parts is now up for sale  due to down sizing and converted to electric models. the engine is in excellent work order and ready for other project, the engine is soled as USED but most of the item included in the bundle are new and still in its issue packet. please check the list below.


Bundle included:

  • 1 LEO 46 glow engine with exhaust extension (USED).
  • 1 Prop stopping and glow plug tool (USED).
  • 1 13x6 prop (USED) and 1 6013 3blade propeller (NEW).
  • 3 landing gear with wheels (USED)  plus 1 tail wheel and 1 original spitfire wheel still in its issue (NEW) packet.
  • 2 engine mount with fixture and other accessories (USED)
  • 3 different size fuel tank with fixtures (USED).
  •  1 fuel bottle (NEW)
  •  1 FUTABA Type on/off switch (USED)
  • 3 spinners with accessories.
  •  2 Code4 AS-322 DELUXE servo(USED) with fixtures and 3 pack servo horns (NEW)
  •  also there is bits and pieces of balsa wood include that can be used on any DIY project.

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