4th Generation 8GB MP4 Player.

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  • 1.8" TFT LCD Screen with 65000 true colour display.
  • Built-in Samsung Flash Memory Capacity: 8GB
  • Support Multiple audio music formats: MP3, WMA, WAV. ETC
  • Support AMV Video format, files like wmv, avi are convertible to AMV format
  • Built-in FM Radio: 87MHZ to 108MHZ, auto preset 20 channels & manual preset 20 channels.
  • Built-in microphone, support voice recording and FM radio internal recording.
  • Support ID3 lyrics and TXT* E-Book viewer function.
  • Support JPG and GIF picture viewer function.
  • Dividable memory for private space function
  • USB 2.0 guarantees high speed transfer
  • Various play modes: normal, repeat once, Repeat all,  Repeat folder, random, intro.
  • 7 Preset EQ for your music: natural, rock, pop classic, soft, fazz, Dbb.
  • Support multi language
  • Built-in rechargeable li-ion battery by charger or USB port
  • Audio Connector: 3.5mm Headphone jack.
  • Operating System: windows me, 2000, xp, Vista

Package include:

  • 1 x 8GB MP4 Player
  • 1 x Earphone
  • 1 x USB extension cable for connecting and charging via USB port.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an IPOD NANO, its a MP4 Player, it does not work with ituns. Its easy to used no software needed to transfer music, just use USB cable to connect to computer and add music music or movie.

Avaliable colour:  gold

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