Button Spy Camera with DVR recorder/mp4


The Worlds Smallest Color Pinhole Camera built-with this Button . When put this normal button with your clothes lets you record exactly what you are looking at. No external power needed , just connect it directly with DVR/MP4 player to hidden recording so you will not miss any action. It is also great as a surveillance camera, a toy for hobby enthusiasts, as body worn solutions and so on.


  • Smallest size of audio video record only 84X50X12.5mm. 
  • Smallest Covert Pinhole Camera built with button. 
  • Connect Directly to DVR/MP4 player / Recorder for hidden recording. 
  • Great for surveillance or FUN.
  • Great for Law enforcement agencies. 
  • No Installation just plug and play. 
  • Mp4 AV Recorder original memory flash have 1GB .
  • Extended SD/MMC card to up 16GB.

Camera Specification:

  • Photo-image sensor : 1/3 CMOS COLOR
  • Low Illumination : 2.0lux
  • Horizontal Resolution : 380TV Lines
  • S/N ratio : Min.48dB
  • Video output : 1.0-/75ohms
  • Backlight Opensation : AUTO
  • Operating Temp : -10/+50
  • Power Supply : DC 5V Lens:3.6 mm

DVR/MP4 Feature:

  • Video play:support ASF(MPEG-4),AVI(DIVX,XVID)3GP,MP4 format.
  • Standard USB2.0 interface ,with built-in SD/MMC card slot, 2GB original memory flash inside.
  • Built-in MIC/LINE IN,support AV IN/OUT
  • Audio play:support MP3/WMA/WAV/AAC format 
  • Browse of photograph format is : JPEG format.
  • Video,camera,picture function.Calendar,calculator,game download. Learning: E-Book,English->Chinese,Chinese->English dictionary(Optional)
  • 2.5" TFT OLED 260K color 16k
  • Built-in lithium battery. Built-in speaker.
  • digital camera: 2.0mega pixel camera.
  • DV function:support CIF(160*128)MAX 30F/PS,VGA(320*240)MAX 30F/PS
  • Dimension 84*50*12.5 mm 

 Package Content:

  • Users Manual
  • Button Camera + 3 Extra normal button
  • DVR/MP4 Recorder
  • Stereo Earphone 
  • Installation CD
  • USB cable 
  • AV Cable and 2 leather case. 

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