2.4GHz wireless camera Digital Video Recorder. (DVR)



This product is a 2.4G wireless camera DVR. And its not just a wireless camera DVR. It has many other functions, example: Music Play/Video Play/Photo Browsing/E-book/Audio Record/Video out/ Synchronous Lyric/Calender, clock & alarm/Games Download/Support extended TF memory card. The portable size and refined shape makes it suitable for people to fulfill their special tasks as well as enjoy popular audio-visual programmes.




  • Wireless transmission provides real time video on DVR to view effect as you record;
  • Near and far focus available for choice (near focus for small text record);
  • 3.5"TFT LCD screen with up to 800X600 resolution
  • Video Format: Mpeg-4,AVI (800 or 320 @ 30fps) MP4,3GP
  • Memory: built-in flash :2GB~8GB; support SD card 1GB to 16GB
  • 420TV line for clear image;
  • Night vision available
  • 4 channels available to avoid possible interference;
  • Built-in antenna and rechargeable Li-battery;
  • Min. 100m transmission distance without blocks
  • Can compare with USB charge,charge time:5 hours
  • Transmission Frequency:ISM 2,400MHz~ 2,483MHz 4CH*
  • Modulation Mode:FM
  • Antenna Type:Hidden
  • Unobstructed Effective Range:100m(Without Block)
  • Operating Temperature:0~ +50 / +14~ +122
  • Storage Temperature:-20 ~ +60 / -4 ~ +140
  • Operating Humidity:85%RH 

Package Content:
User Manual
USB Cable
Power Charger
AV Cable



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