New generation mini DVR Camcorder

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This new DVR camcorder can be carried conveniently,and record important information when no other resources are available, a excellent choice for hobbies, sight seeing or cycleing.


Resolution: 640*480; stable follow shot; real AVI-format files with good recording effect, can be played by any video player When the battery is exhausted, the video/sound in recording will be stored automatically before shutdown, no worries about data lost.

Product parameters

  • Size: -------------- 72mm * 20mm * 11mm
  • Weight: ---------- 19g
  • Storage: ---------- small SD card / T-FLASH (up8G)
  • Battery: ------------ built-in 300mAh lithium battery, 2-hour battery life for each charging
  • Resolution: ------------- 640 x 480
  • Recording format: ------------- AVI
  • Video file: ------------- approx. 25MB per minute

If Mini DVR fails to conduct video recording or sound recording normally, please check the following items:
1. Direct shutdown after recording
2. Memory full
3. SD card is not inserted or in poor contact with Mini DVR
4. Low battery

Package Content:
Mini DVR Camcorder
User Manual - English
USB Cable


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