X240 Fiberglass Mini Quadcopter DIY KIT.

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The X24O Quad-copter kit is an excellent choice for those who enjoy the thrill and pleasure of scratch building.


  • Material: ---------- 1.5mm thick black fiberglass lower board and 1mm thick upper board.
  • Only 3pcs board to configure the quad-copter, light weight and easy to assemble.
  • Comes with flexible landing skid which protect aircraft frame from heavy landing.
  • Size: ---------- 250*250*70mm


Package include:

  • 1 X240 frame.
  • 1 KK V2.5 multi rotor  flight control board.
  • 4 Turbo Drive A1510 KV2200 Brushless motor.
  • 4 10a ESC
  • 4 5x4.5 three blade propeller, 2cw and 2ccw.
  • 100a ESC Battery/power board, can  support up to 16 esc
  • 15 pair of 2mm bullet connector.
  • NO BATTERY is included
  • Battery strap.
  • Xt60  and dean connector with red and black power cable.
  • 100% Do-It-Yourselves, All soldering and crimping is done by you.

Add your own TX, RX and battery to complete.

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