ST-Model Cessna 182 RTF ( USED )


Here we have a USED Cessna 182 RTF Electric plane for sale, this plane is in great flying conation. the plane come with all electronic excluded battery, it has some modification with added strength, durability and Speed, the fire wall is replace with light weight ply, the motor mount is replace with aluminum mount, the front landing gear is rebuilt and much stronger..


  • Plane come with 5 servo install.
  • Trunigy Plush 80a ESC
  • Trunigy SK 3530 1400KV Brushless motor
  • Navigation light, appart for the stock niv light there is an extra flashing red led on the bottom and on the top.
  • The bottom of the plane is lined with see through tape for easy cleaning and added strength.





Any other information please feel to contact us.

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  • Model: TRASTMC182U
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