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The RC Powered Paraglider is a slow and very stable, suitable for any pilot. This aircraft will almost fly and land itself. Perfect for teaching yourself to fly at slow speed. The RC Paraglider can be flown from a backyard or park by an experienced pilot and in winds of up to 10 MPH. However, in general the unit will fly best in low wind conditions. For the less experienced pilot we recommend one acre of unobstructed space, mild winds of 1 to 5MPH, and additional adult supervision and assistance.


Flight Stabilizing System 
Full function 3-channel radio control 
Suitable for outdoor flight only 
Almost Ready to Fly 
Super Tough, Lightweight Airframe 
New Concept, New Styles 
Brake for easy landing 
Canopy dimension: 1260mmx460mm
Gross Weight: 550g
Cruising Speed: 10km/h-15km/h
Battery Type: 7.2v 750 mAh Ni-MH Battery 
Motor continuous:5 mins (750mAh)
Charging Time: 4-6 hours 
Flight Time: ~20 min 
Flight Height: 100 meters
Control Distance: 600-800 meters
Full Control: smooth flying like a real parachute 
Suitable for ages 12 years+

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